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Daily Itineraries and things to do

Daily Itinerary with guide and interpreter
Choose your destination:
-Castles of Iesi (Morro d'Alba, Belvedere, Montecarotto, Iesi)
-Corinaldo and Mondavio
-Ostra, Ostra Vetere and Senigallia
-San Marino and Rimini
-Loreto, Sirolo and Ancona
-Fano and Pesaro
Price per person includes restaurant: 70 euro

Lacrima di Morro D'Alba wine tasting tour:
wine tasting at a local cantina with guide and interpreter
Price per person: 50 euro with lunch included at the cantina
15 euro per person tour and tasting only

Olive grove and mill tour:
visit to local olive producer with guide and interpreter
Price per person: 10 euro

Horseback excursions:
Tour of stables with 1 hour riding lesson followed by a walk through the Marchigian Hillside
Price per person: check availability and rates

Ceramic class in Gubbio:
2 hour class followed by lunch and a walk through the town with guide and interpreter
Price per person: 90 euro

Day at the beach:
Beach chair and umbrella rental for the beaches of Senigallia
Prices vary by number of days rented. Check for current prices.

Local Food and Wine Festivals:
Go to the Festival with guide and interpreter
Check our list of Festivals to see which one falls into your trip arrangements on the "places to go" page
Price per person 10 euro (food and wine extra)

Conero Golf Club  1st class 18 hole golf course just outside of Sirolo near Ancona
check for prices

We can also help you with:
Car rentals, Bicycle - Vespa and Scooter rentals, Quad rentals, Wind surfing and Boating rentals

"Italian Travels":
An 8 day all inclusive tour package using Solebello as our Home Base.
Tours consist in daily guided tours with interpreter that include wine tasting, olive mill tours, ceramic classes, visits
to San Marino, Gubbio, Urbino, Loreto, Senigallia, Ancona and of course the Castles of Iesi.  
This package is ALL inclusive (see Italian Travels page for more details)
Price per person: 2,000.00 euro