Places to See Near By
Basically these are just some of the options for day trips
in our area

Senigallia, 10 minutes from the house:  long flat sandy
beach and wide boardwalk (sidewalk) that goes for miles
with many restaurants bars and hotels. Away from the
beach is the medieval historical center of town with the
famous rook (castle), various squares, the river that
cuts through the town and a long covered archway

Many medieval walled in hill towns:

-Monte San Vito
-Ostra Vetere
-Belvedere Ostrense
-Morro D’Alba

All of these are within 10 minutes from the house. There
are many more going further into the hills and
eventually the Apennine Mountains, Arcevia being a
great one at about a 30 min drive. They all host
throughout the year various wine and food festivals.

Ancona, 30 minutes from the house:  Larger city and port
with cruise size ships going daily to Greece. Very
panoramic views from the “Duomo” church that sits up
high on a hill overlooking the city and port. There are
many beaches under Ancona, Sirolo being the most

Loreto, 45 minutes from the house: Just past Ancona,
another hill town but with one of the biggest and most
famous Basilica’s at its center.

San Marino, 45 minutes from the house: It’s a republic!
Huge walled in castle town that is its own country apart
from Italy. Very suggestive panorama and medieval

Urbino, 45 minutes from the house:  Very antique, one of
the very first universities in the world is here and still a
very active center for the arts. The historical center is
all an uphill climb with the buildings just rising one
above the other in the best medieval setting you can

Gubbio, 1 hour from the house: Unique in the fact that it
is a walled in city but not perched very high. It’s just
overlooking a valley that has a backdrop of mountains.
In May there is a famous re-enactment here called ” the
running of the candles “. Famous also for its ceramics.

Assisi, about a half hour from Gubbio: Obviously very
famous for Saint Francis. It’s a quaint little town in a

Florence is 2 hours west of the house.

Rome is 3 ½ hours south of the house.

Venice is 3 ½ hours north of the house
Port Of Ancona the Gateway to
'La Rocca' in Senigallia
The Castle Walls of Corinaldo
'Foro Annonario' in Senigallia
Assisi, the Town of St. Francis
'The Republic of San Marino'
Sirolo Beach
Italian Country Villa Rental and Guided Local Tours
Discover the Italian Marche Countryside and the Adriatic Sea Beaches.
Make it your Home Away From Home.
Sant'Andrea di Suasa - Festa del Nino
Gradara - I Re Magi arrivano a Gradara   
Ostra Vetere - Montenovo in Festa

Gradara - San Valentino al Castello di Paolo e Francesca
Mondavio - Carnevale di Mondavio

Monte San Vito - Festa della Salsiccia

Castel Colonna - Frattula in Festa
Cagli - Distinti Salumi

Offagna - Festa Patrono
Gubbio - Corsa dei Ceri
Ostra - Festa della Fragola
Morro D'Alba - Cantine Aperte
Morro D"Alba - Canta Maggio
Morro D'Alba - Sagra del Lacrima
Iesi - Palio Medioevale

Fabriano - Palio Mediovale
Monte San Vito - Festa
Osimo - Festa dei Fiori

Montecarotto - Verdicchio in Festa
Arcevia - Sagra della Lumaca
Gradara - Assedio al Castello
Corinaldo - Festa del Pozzo
Monte San Vito - Sagra della Porchetta
Offagna - Festa Medioevale
Pergola - Festa del Vino

Senigallia - Summer jamboree
Senigallia - Fiera di Senigallia
Morro D'Alba - Calici di Stelle
Fano - Fiera di Fano
Arcevia - Festa della Tagliatelle
Ascoli Piceno - Giostra della Quintana

Urbino - Festa del Aquilone
Senigallia - Pane Nostrum
Arcevia - Festa del Uva
Camerano - Festa del Rosso Conero
Loreto - Festa del Uva

Corinaldo - Halloween
Ostra - Halloween
Morro D'Alba - Festa del Lacrima e Tartufo
Cupramontana - Sagra del Uva
Urbino - Festa della Biodiversita'

Acqualagna - Festa del tartufo
Piticchio di Arcevia - Festa del Autunno
Morro D'Alba - San Martino in Cantina
Gradara - Artigianato e Vin Brule'
Serra de'Conti - Festa della Cicerchia

Morro D'Alba - Natale in Cantina
Barbara - Presepe Vivente
Ancona - Mercati di Natale
Fano - Mercato di Natale
Gradara - Castello di Natale
Genga/Frasassi - Presepe Vivente
Monsano - Presepe Vivente
Piobbico - Presepe Vivente
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